Do more rodents live in urban areas or wild areas?

Rodents can be found in every corner of the world, from the North Pole to the South Pole. They have the ability to adapt to any environment and will increase their population once they are able to find a suitable shelter and food source. While rodents can be found in the wild such as the bushes and jungles, they have become more noticeable in urban areas. In the wild, they have to compete for limited food source with the large population of rodents in the wild and other small animals too. While there are breeds of rats that live in the wild, the domestic rat is more commonly found in urban areas. Rodents are common in the homes, industrial buildings, offices, and sewers.

In the wild, rats can be found in forests, parks, and in waterlogged environments. But in all honesty, rodents are more common in urban areas than in the wild. In order for them to survive, they need to be in close proximity to humans, as we provide rodents a comfortable shelter and food source. In the wild, rodents will have to go hunting for food which usually includes tiny insects and worms, also in the wild they are a major target for other larger animals whereas when they get to live in urban areas, they get easy access to leftover foods and don’t have to worry about being eaten by other animals except coming in contact with humans. In the urban areas, they are a lot of potential food source for rodents compared to in the wild, rats feed on leftover foods, or crumbs of food on the ground and also scatter through the garbage bin whenever they are hungry.

In the urban areas, rodents commonly take shelter in the sewers because it provides a great source of water and also insects. In addition, the sewers also serve as a route to other places where they can search for food and shelter. In the wild, rodents find it difficult to move in search of water and food without encountering other large animals that are also in search of food. The competition is stiff in the wild compared to in the urban areas. A rat can successfully gain access to a home and take temporary shelter there for weeks or months while feeding on crumbs and leftover food without interference from other rats or large animals. These security rodents enjoy in the urban areas is another reason why they are more common in urban areas than in the wild.

In the home, rodents normally take shelter in areas such as the attic, roof, underneath the floorboard, or in the barn as these areas provide them adequate shelter and restrict their contact with humans, especially during the day. Another reason why there are more rodents in the urban area than in the wild is the urbanization of rural areas, the more rural areas are transformed to urban areas, the more rodents migrate into the cities from the rural settlements.

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